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Old 31-08-10, 09:59 PM   #1
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Default !!! Vibra Clip Cheapest RSA DCT4+ Unlocking Clip available on Masud Telecom !!!

Vibra Clip - Cheapest RSA DCT4+ Unlocking Clip In Market

ONLY 500/= tk

1. First In The World Clip What Use Phone Vibration As Signals
2. Unlock All Nokia Asic11 Phones With RSA DCT4+ Method
3. More Then 40 Nokia Phones Supported For Unlock
4. Resets User Code On A Even Larger Range Of Phones
5. Very Easy To Use, Compact Size and Fast Unlocking
6. No Need Computer, Internet Connection, Logs ... Just One 9v Battery
7. Clip Is Based On RJ45 Connector And 9v Battery Connector
8. No Need Other Cables, Just Easy Flash Cables What You Already Have

Usage steps:
1. Plug battery to clip.
2. Turn ON phone if it is not already turned on.
3. Insert cable into the phone.
4. Phone will vibrate shortly 3-4 times (that means clip detected phone).
5. Phone will restart in Local Mode.
6. After 2-3 seconds phone will start vibrate continously (that means unlocking is in progress).
It could be a short stop vibrating pause in the middle of countinously vibrate period on some phone models.
This is normal, and please wait clip to finish his work.
7. After few more seconds phone will stop continously vibrate and will vibrate shortly 3-4 times.
8. Phone will restart in Normal mode at the end of unlocking process.
9. If phone will not vibrate shortly 3-4 times at the end of continuously vibrate, that means was some error
in unlocking process. Please try the whole procedure again in this case.

Supported phone models:

1. NOKIA 1110i RH-93
2. NOKIA 1112b RH-92
3. NOKIA 1200 RH-99
4. NOKIA 1200 RH-100
5. NOKIA 1202 RH-112
6. NOKIA 1208 RH-105
7. NOKIA 1208b RH-106
8. NOKIA 1209 RH-105
9. NOKIA 1600b RH-66
10. NOKIA 1661 RM-305
11. NOKIA 1661-2b RH-121
12. NOKIA 1662 RH-122
13. NOKIA 1650 RM-305
14. NOKIA 1680 Classic RM-394
15. NOKIA 1680 Classic-2b RM-490
16. NOKIA 2220 Slide RM-590
17. NOKIA 2310 RM-189
18. NOKIA 2320 Classic RM-514
19. NOKIA 2320 Classic-2b RM-515
20. NOKIA 2323 CLassic RM-543
21. NOKIA 2330 Classic RM-512
22. NOKIA 2600 RH-60
23. NOKIA 2600a RH-60
24. NOKIA 2600 Classic RM-340
25. NOKIA 2610 RH-86
26. NOKIA 2610b RH-87
27. NOKIA 2626 RM-291
28. NOKIA 2630 RM-298
29. NOKIA 2630b RM-299
30. NOKIA 2660 RM-292
31. NOKIA 2660b RM-293
32. NOKIA 2680 Slide RM-392
33. NOKIA 2680 Slide-2b RM-500
34. NOKIA 2720 Fold RM-519
35. NOKIA 2760 RM-258
36. NOKIA 2760b RM-259
37. NOKIA 2760h RM-391
38. NOKIA 5000 RM-362
39. NOKIA 5030 XM RM-524
40. NOKIA 6030b RM-75
41. NOKIA 7070 RH-116
42. NOKIA 7100s RM-438

This clip in unique on the market, we are the first release it.
It's cheap, it's fast and it does them all..., no hassle, no headache.
It's a MUST HAVE device for any service point and you get BACK the money paid for it in JUST 1 day.
You can use it since it don't need any computer or internet connection.
Masud Telecom

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Default Re: !!! Vibra Clip Cheapest RSA DCT4+ Unlocking Clip available on Masud Telecom !!!

manul unlok video clip & pic uplod plez ser
Old 08-02-11, 02:21 AM   #3
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Default Re: !!! Vibra Clip Cheapest RSA DCT4+ Unlocking Clip available on Masud Telecom !!!

nice working tested me
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